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Coming to Kickstarter again!

By Albert on 11 November 2019

I wish I could say I was writing this missive with a quill, on parchment that a monk from the Or Valley Monastery has illuminated. And that once finished, messengers would rush to the four corners of the world to deliver it. But no such luck, I’m writing with pen and paper (an old notebook where all my initial scribbling about Possessions are, and much more), because apparently I belong to that generation (from 1857) that’s not that good with a computing machine.

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How we became gamers

By Albert and Antoine on 7 July 2018

Albert A Tale of Inspiration I became a fully fledged nerd at 6. It was the year one of my mother’s cousin bought me Hero Quest. The same year I read Robinson Crusoe and my grandfather allowed me to look through his WWII history books. That summer, I played an insane number of games of Hero Quest, forcing my parents to follow me down this path. Some time around christmas of 1990 I got my hands on “Flight from the Dark”, book 1 of the Lone Wolf series by the much missed Joe Dever (the illustrations, by Gary Chalk, will remain to haunt me forever, as you can tell by Possession’s style).

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Reflections on a first Kickstarter campaign

By Antoine on 7 July 2018

Last December, we ran our first Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was unsuccessful, but it was a great learning experience (and a bit of a heartache too). One of the main things we learned is that we needed to prepare our launches better: we launched too fast and without reaching out to everyone we knew had an interest in our game. We are trying to learn from our mistakes ahead of relaunching Possession, a Daemonic Card Game on Kickstarter.

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Our world

By Albert on 27 May 2018

So, we have a blog to write for the website, and a blog shall be written! What will the blog be about? Obviously, about us, Crooked Tower, and what we are making, will be making and, further down the line, when we are wiser and older (or, in my case, just older), about what we did and what we should have done instead. Who’s us? It’s me, Albert, and him, Antoine, observing me writing like some sorcerer’s familiar.

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