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By Albert | 11 November 2019

I wish I could say I was writing this missive with a quill, on parchment that a monk from the Or Valley Monastery has illuminated. And that once finished, messengers would rush to the four corners of the world to deliver it. But no such luck, I’m writing with pen and paper (an old notebook where all my initial scribbling about Possessions are, and much more), because apparently I belong to that generation (from 1857) that’s not that good with a computing machine. Once I am done, some unlucky soul (probably me, hopefully Antoine) will have to copy it onto a digital format easier to spread to the aforementioned four corners of the world.

Children's crusade banner

Anyway, the preamble made me lose my train of thought (yes, this particular train runs on steam). This letter was supposed to be just a missive on the state of the expansions to Antoine. He had the brilliant idea to publish it on the blog, so I now have to edit it, edulcorate it, and remove all the swear world that would make a Saint collapse on the floor from shock. Those of you who were at Essen Spiel ‘19 (and there were a few) saw the hanging banner advertising the Children Crusade to come anon (well, anon-ish, you can see it at the top of this page). They also got to chat to us about the future. Being the setting of Possession, a horror, fantasy middle-ages, the future doesn’t look too good. But in a good way, naturally! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Children Crusade will be Chapter 4 of Possession, a Daemonic Card Game. Chapter 3 is A Lust for Sorcery. You will be able to back them both during our next Kickstarter Campaign (around February 2020, sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop).

A Lust for Sorcery picks up in the Castle where Corridors and Screams (chapter 2, and an expansion you can already purchace in our store) is set. As the Daemons explore the many, confusingly arranged rooms, chambers, halls, corridors and passages of the Castle, they find a map leading to a place where they discover new victims to possess. These victims know how to wield arcane powers and cast spells! What does A Lust For Sorcery add? It’s a campaign, but it can also be played as the usual free-for-all. But it’s a campaign, so we suggest playing it free for all AFTER you’ve finished the campaign and added card by card to the deck as you finish each Mission. The expansion adds victims, sorcerers, wizards and the like, possess them to force them to cast malefic spells against the victims of your opponents! Amongst the new victims are also lowly daemons, imps, and servants summoned by these witches and warlocks to do their bidding. And of course there are spells, it goes without saying! Finally, you will also find new locations, events, equipment, and nemeses both of the annoying and of the horrifying kind.

This leads us to the following expansion, The Children Crusade, a continuation of the campaign where, quite peeved by the confusion caused by possessing mages who can summon balls of fire, portals to ugly places and all sorts of lesser daemons, a Child imbued with quite the dose of fanaticism, zealotry and Faith in the One True God gathers around her like-minded urchins and starts a crusade to repel the daemons… no… to repel you! Apart from a veritable smorgasbord of new Nemeses to play against, and more Missions to play through, this expansion will give you access to new Victims: the rotting (or already rotted) undead that some of the wizards (like the Necromancer Dilettante from the Core game) can call back to life to do their bidding. Also, as if this wouldn’t be enough… no, silence, it’s good to leave some mystery (or, more honestly, some stuff to write about in a next entry in the blog, stay tuned!). For today, this is all! May you always draw plenty of Possession Cards! Your humble scrivener,

Albert Federighi-Lucifero

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