Reflections on a first Kickstarter campaign

By Antoine | 7 July 2018

Last December, we ran our first Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was unsuccessful, but it was a great learning experience (and a bit of a heartache too). One of the main things we learned is that we needed to prepare our launches better: we launched too fast and without reaching out to everyone we knew had an interest in our game. We are trying to learn from our mistakes ahead of relaunching Possession, a Daemonic Card Game on Kickstarter.

We have been hard at work preparing for this. Below is a short summary of the main things to look out for:

  • We continued to extensively playtest to simplify the rules as much as possible while retaining strategic depth,
  • We have finished work on Corridors and Screams, the first expansion for Possession, which gives you an additional 81 cards, tokens and standees to play a variant of the game in a castle. The layout of the castle grows as the game progresses and you can circulate through rooms to accomplish your nefarious deeds,
  • We have recruited a community managers to help us communicate more effectively across social media platforms,
  • We have a new website (this one) which is faster and contains more information about Possession and the company. The blog will allow us to tell you regularly about what we get up to,
  • We have added a solo mode to possession.

Stay tuned for more info about the relaunch.

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